If you are not exercising, you are a selfish S.O.B.

You work hard to protect your family.  You work long hours, you save, you invest and you buy life insurance.  What you don’t do is take care of your body and mind through exercise and good eating habits..  

It’s really a simple thing that seems to have gotten somehow complicated.  Go to the grocery store and park in the furthest space.  This adds steps to your day and helps prevent dings to your car.  Carry your groceries whenever possible (weight  cross-training)  Walk like you’re late for a meeting (cardio training)  These seem like little things, but added up over the course of a year,  they have an incremental effect.  

These “little things” can help prevent; type II diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, high levels of cholesterol and more.

Want to speed up the process and increase the benefits of exercise?  Talk to a knowledgeable professional who can help you find a program that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Joseph KelleyAdvice, Rants