The Invisible Jumprope

Have you ever watched a boxer, expertly jumping rope and wished you could do it too?  The quick footwork, double jumps and crossing hands?  It is obviously great exercise because it gets the heart pumping, which determines how many calories you burn. And it has the added benefit of creating impact on all of the bones from the pelvic girdle (hips) to the tarsals (feet)..  There is only one problem…. the rope.  Somehow it finds a way to get tangled in your feet (tarsals) just when you’re thinking you’re doing great.  So?  Let’s get rid of the problem.  Is the rope that integral to the exercise?  No. It is the jumping up and down that creates the caloric expenditure.

Get rid of the rope.

Having eliminated the problem of the rope, you can concentrate on the workout itself.  Should you do a long, slow workout, a high intensity workout or a combination of the two?

Talk to a knowledgeable trainer to find out what is the best for your needs.

Remember: something is better than nothing; more is better than something.