Posture is the basis for not only effective exercise but for overall good health.  When posture is good, there is an imaginary straight line from the center of the head, through the spine and down to the feet.  It is this alignment that keeps the body in balance.

Any time something gets out of alignment, it has a residual effect.  It causes another part of the body to compensate.  So, if you are sitting in front of a computer, it may cause you to lean forward which would in turn close your chest, round your back and bring your head forward.  All of these seemingly minor incidences have consequences.  The chest compresses, leaving less room for the organs to function.  The pectoral muscles contract, exacerbating the problem and the head tilts forward, putting pressure on the spine.

This is just one example of the consequences of poor posture.  The alignment of shoulders, hips and feet also have consequences.

To learn more, talk to a professional about how you can prevent or reverse these conditions.

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Joseph Kelley