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Ellipticals have become the go-to choice of many exercisers. If you are looking to avoid impact-related injuries or rehab from injury an elliptical can be the right choice. Why are ellipticals loved by so many users? It can be summed up with “rate of perceived exertion”. Rate of perceived exertion simply means your body is working out harder than you actually think you are; therefore, most people workout harder burning more calories and getting better results. Ellipticals are one of the best low impact, high calorie burners and full body machines you can use to get fit! No one elliptical fits all people, we recommend you give various styles a try to see if it fits you!

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Located on Belcher Road, just north of Ulmerton in Largo, our 23,000 Square Foot showroom and warehouse selection changes often, and we let you try everything!

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© 1990-2018 Bandit Fitness Equipment, Inc.