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Rowers (aka – ergometers) are the cardio training choice of Cross Fitters around the world. The rowing machine is a “closed chain” exercise. Closed Chain means the body is always in contact with the machine throughout the entire movement. The rowing movement is very low impact full-body cardio exercise with tons of calorie burning potential. Rowing machines on the market today have various resistance mechanism such as “air”, “air/electromagnetic”, or the more modern style “water”. Rowers do take up more floor length then most cardiovascular machines, but most of them either fold up or stand up for easy storage. If you are looking for the most variations and options during your workout then an “air/electromagnetic” rower could be right for you. If you are looking for more of an experience, a “water” rower will supply you with the sites and sound of real water, bring you closer to the traditional on-the-water feel.

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Located on Belcher Road, just north of Ulmerton in Largo, our 23,000 Square Foot showroom and warehouse selection changes often, and we let you try everything!

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© 1990-2018 Bandit Fitness Equipment, Inc.