Build A Fitness & Wellness Facility Your Competitors Fear

Having an awesome fitness and exercise room is essential for many of your potential residents. And corporations can improve their employee's health and retention rates through corporate fitness initiatives. 


Strength & Cardio

We have a huge selection of custom-order fitness equipment to meet the standards and needs of any workout facility. 

Preventative Maintenance

Keep everything in working order with a preventative maintenance agreement. Our service technicians will come out on a regular basis to keep things running smoothly. 

Service & Repair

In the event anything goes wrong, our in-house service technicians can come do repairs on most commercially rated equipment, even if you didn't get it from us. 


New & Preowned

Our building is 23,000 square feet, and it's totally jam-packed with fitness equipment for every kind of need. Full-commercial to residential; ropes to full gym circuits. 

Rubber Flooring

An important part of many new installations, we can supplement any new gym equipment with rubber flooring to give your facility a truly professional feel.


We also have the ability to rent equipment for short-term contracts. If that sort of thing interests you, feel free to contact us. 


Customer Stories: APG Electric

APG Electric has an awesome facility for their employees. Hear what they think of it and how it benefits their employees and keeps them healthy and happy in the video below. 


WHy Wait?

Get a zero-commitment commercial gym layout and design
or maintenance and liability assessment for FREE!

Appointments can be made for in-person visits or done over the phone, it's up to you!


Know who you're dealing with

Bandit Fitness has been taking care of business for over 27 years and is a single location, family-owned business in Largo, FL. 

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