We recently upgraded our carrier pigeon system to use a telephone. Still getting used to it.

Phone: (727) 573-5500
Fax: (727) 572-0535


Driving Directions

Once upon a time, humans drove cars to places and tried things before they bought them. If you'd like to remember that national passtime (which is literally our whole M.O.) then go to:

1990 S. Belcher Road,
Largo, FL 33771

Here's a fancy map to help you get an idea of where that is. By the way, some GPS systems see two of our addresses, so it's best to punch in "Bandit Fitness Equipment" into Google or Apple Maps, rather than our street address. 


Electronic Mail

We have a few of these new "computers" laying around. The IT guy says they can receive "E-Mails", whatever those are.

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