Get Directions!


Our Showroom/Warehouse/Funhouse is located on Belcher Road, in Largo, Florida.

If you're trying to get directions, we recommend searching your GPS app of choice (Apple or Google Maps) for "Bandit Fitness Equipment" and not our address.

There's a couple of "fun facts" about using technology to get here: first, sometimes a GPS gets confused and sends you to a different 1990 on Belcher Road. Second, sometimes different GPS apps update and use data from old sources. SO, we're Bandit Fitness Equipment on Belcher Road, just a little bit north of Ulmerton Road (south of East Bay by about a mile and a half). A third fun fact for you: we used to be in a giant yellow warehouse on 49th Street, and before that, we were on Ulmerton near 49th. We've move around from time to time in the last 27 years!