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We at Bandit Fitness Equipment have created the ultimate at-home minimal workout. We’re not bragging, it’s true. The Gym-In-A-Bag comes complete with everything you need, including:

  • A 10lb kettlebell
  • Three resistance tubes
  • One resistance band
  • One wobble board
  • One stability ball
  • One pair of ankle weights
  • One medicine ball
  • Of course, one large gym bag
  • Helpful videos!


Instructional Videos

Below are all of the videos we made to highlight many of the exercises you can do with your Gym-In-A-Bag. There's even more you can do, we recommend a quick search on YouTube for even more!


Arms Workouts

Tone your arms and improve your strength with tricep extensions, press-downs, bicep curls, and more!

Back Workouts

Back strength is dependent on exercies like rows, which can be done a few different ways.

Core Workouts

Core is critical. Tighten up your belly with these simple crunches, planks, etc.


Leg Workouts

Tone up your legs and butt with these awesome lower body and glute workouts.


Improve your all-around strength with simple chest press exercises. 

Shoulder Workouts

Shape your shoulders easily with these simple routines and improve your strength!