Ok, so you got your new; treadmill, elliptical, cycle, rowing machine or whatever.  This is the platform that you will do your cardio exercise on.  Now the question is, HOW will you exercise on it.

Traditional thinking goes like this: if you want to burn fat, you work out at a lower intensity/heart rate so that you will have excess oxygen which will allow you to burn fat as fuel (oxidative pathway).

Usually, people will exercise 30 to 60 minutes and they will burn fat.  The problem is this, when they stop, they stop burning fat or any excess calories.

An alternative is HIIT or high intensity interval training.  This involves working out at high intensity for a short period of time followed by a longer period of recovery.

While this doesn't specifically target fat for fuel, it increases the metabolic rate and causes you to burn more total calories for hours after your workout has been ended.  For more information on a custom HIIT workout that suits your needs, contact us.