Trade-In Information

We welcome your trade-ins. It doesn’t matter if you are trading up or down or looking to get a completely different product type. We will work to give you the best trade-in credit.

For information about trading in your fitness equipment in more detail, please call us at (727) 573-5500.

Let us do the “heavy lifting”, we’ve been doing it for over 27 years. If you are ready for something new don’t wait any longer, let us be the NEW HOME for your old products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My equipment is broken. Can I still get a trade-in value?
It depends and varies from piece to piece. We prefer that you take some pictures with a description of what is wrong with the equipment and either email or text them to us for review.

Will you pick up my old equipment?
Yes, in most cases we will pick up your old unit if we are going to deliver you a new piece.

Why should I trade my equipment with you versus selling it on Craigslist?
This one is obvious to us but why would you want someone you don’t know at your home?