Trade In & Trade Up

Sometimes you'll have some older equipment you don't really want to use anymore. Maybe you just want something new to train with. Well, that's why Bandit accepts trade-ins on older equipment. We want you to work out. If trading in an elliptical for a treadmill helps you train harder, then that's really all we need to hear.

Please note that we can't accept equipment on trade or consignment if we are unable service it or get parts. We don't want to sell anything that we can't fix. 

If you've got something to trade, or something to consign, or you just have any questions, we encourage you to call us at (727) 573-5500 or visit us and we'll be happy to tell you all about it. 

If you're looking to buy pre-owned equipment at a bargain, head this way to our Preowned Equipment site.